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            Appearance 4, A young girl about 5'6 with dark hunny blond hair that curls softly to her shoulders and big chocolate brown eyes that look sweetly innocent if a little mischievous. She has a medium dark complexion and looks fairly young.{about 17 or so} She is very muscular but well proportioned. She is beautiful but her manner makes it more appropriate to say that she is "cute."{Animal Magnetism Merit})
--------(Wearing plain dark blue jeans and a green lon sleeved T-Shirt with a Christmas Tree on it, and a floppy "elf" hat with a bell)
--------(Wearing bell-bottom hip hugger jeans that make a small tattoo of a peace sign visible on her left hip, and a tight mint green body sit, showing a white scar on her upper arm and a small blue tattoo of a crescent moon, that looks like it could well have taken her arm off)
--------( She is wearing faded blue jeans and a dark green long-sleeved T-shirt with frogs drinking tequila on the back, and a pair of Birkenstock sandals)


  Leia was born Feb. 14, 1981. Her birthday seems to suit her general personality. She is sweet and quite friendly if a little bit mischievous...
            Leia spent most of her early life in and out of foster homes. She was a quiet rebellious child who never could seem to fit in and was thus shuffled about from parental unit to parental unit, as each in turn grew tired of her.
She had her first Change when she stumbled on a major werewolf moot; perhaps being drawn to all the spiritual energy produced by her packs now deceased, Elder Theurge. Leia did not have the horrific violet first change typical of many Garou. She did not kill anything. The moot had reached its peak and everyone was in Crinos and near frenzy anyway. She just joined in drawn by memories of her past lives as a guide.
            When she was discovered one of the Pack Glasswalkers by the name of "Ivy Balancesteel" pulled some strings and got   Leia placed in her care and later adopted her in order to keep her out of "the system."
Because of her previous life in the "Foster System" Leia was used to not being able to fit in. When se discovered what she really was it explained so many things that instead of scaring her it opened her eyes to a new life. She found in the Pack a family she never had and acceptance based on what she did and how much she learned. She embraced the teachings of the Litany and the elders with her whole heart and pledged her life to the defense of Gaia and the preservation of her gifts.
            Leia and Ivy have a sort of "love/hate" relationship. They love each other; each fulfills a missing part in the life of the other but one can imagine the difficulties involved in the rebellious nature of an 18 year old Child of Gaia and a 45 year old Glasswalker.
            Leia began her training as a Theurge because of the onset of 2 rather disconcerting abilities. She seems to be able to look into the future through visions and dreams. They are frequently difficult to interpret and tend to come upon her unawares but they have provided invaluable information to her pack. She also has the rather unfortunate tendency to sort of get a little to excited when she gets stressed out and "poof" into the Umbra she goes.
As a warrior Leia is competent if perhaps a bit reluctant at times. She has fought and she has won but she lacks a certain aggressive initiative. Lack of this initiative sometimes gets her in trouble. She is at her best in defensive hand to hand combat and has proved adept at holding forces at bay while others remove wounded or plot sneak attacks. When using a weapon she seems a bit awkward but is learning fast lacking only that necessary "killer instinct" to advance. She was in the process of being trained by the pack Stargazer but he has passed into Gaia's arms along with Mother Marrow, the Elder Theurge of the pack.
            Bereft of both her teachers Leia was sent by Ivy to live with Astra for one year. During this time she will be trained by "Rends-by-Entrails" the leader of her pack (and a Theurge), while Astra teachers her the intricacies of Umbral Travel and Spirit Communication. She is also receiving rigorous physical training to increase her fighting skills in all forms as well as with weapons.
            Life in Infinity has been quite an adjustment. Astra has made it abundantly clear that Leia is not to bother the other Mages (or "Wiiizzzzzzzards" as Leia says). She doesn't really know many people and seems to be rather lonely. Her training is frustratingly difficult and Astra is not known to a gentle of teacher. Rin is not much better.
The combination of stress, rigorous training, and loneliness coupled with a seriously mischievous and curious nature has created quite a few interesting situations in a certain room of the Dreamspeaker wing...

Name: Liea "Spirits' Song" Balancesteel Rank:2
Breed: Homid Pack Totem: Fog
Auspice: Theurge Rage: 4
Tribe: Child of Gaia Gnosis: 5
Affiliation: Dreamspeakers Willpower: 7

Strength - 3 Charisma - 3 Perception - 3
Dexterity - 3 Manipulation -3 Intelligence - 3
Stamina - 3 Appearance - 4 (cute) Wits - 4

Alertness -3
Athletics -3
Awareness -1
Brawl -3 (Kalindo 1)
Dodge -4
Empathy - 3
Expression -3
Intimidation -0
Primal-Urge -3
Streetwise -3
Subterfuge -3
Animal Ken -2
Drive -2
Etiquette -2
Firearms -2
Leadership -2
Melee -2
Performance -4 (12 string steel guitar)
Repair - 0
Stealth -3
Survival -2
Technology -2
Computer -2
Cosmology -2
Enigmas -3
Investigation -1
Law -1 (learning environmental law)
Linguistics - 1 (Spanish)
Vampire Lore - 2 , Mage Lore 1
Medicine -2
Occult -2
Politics -1
Rituals - 3
Science - 2
Breed - Persuasion (Charisma/Subterfuge dif: 6, all social rolls reduced by 1 for the scene)
Auspice - Spirit Speech
Tribe - Mothers Touch (Spend 1 Gnosis, Roll intelligence/ medicine dif: 6 for non Garou, Rage for Garou)

- Sense Wyrm
- Sight from Beyond (comes to her unaware at any time, Roll Wits/Enigma's to interpret)
- Calm (Can quell anger, spend 1 Gnosis and roll Charisma/Empathy)
- Luna's Armor (add 1 to stamina pool with each success on a Stamina/Survival roll Dif: 6, spend one Gnosis)

Rite of Silence
Rite of Spirit Awakening
Rite of Summoning
Rite of Talisman Dedication
Breath of Gaia
Greet the Moon
Greet the Sun

Allies - Astra
Mentor - " Rends - by - Entrails" (Astra's husband)
Past Life - 3
Pure Breed - 3
Resources - (Is cared for by someone else, is still a dependant)
Rites - 3
Totem - 2 (Cumulative with pack)

Glory- 3
Honor - 1
Wisdom- 5
(is Rank 3 when she reaches Wisdom of 7)

Merits and Flaws
Eidetic memory -2
Mixed Morph -6
Metamorph -1
Animal Magnetism -1
Luck - 3
Curiosity +2
Silver Allergy +2
Slip sideways +1
Pierced Veil +3

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