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        This room, cloistered among the various other pleasure chambers, is surprisingly serene seeming. It is not all that big, but big enough to hold twenty or so people. At the end by the door there is a bar, several sets of tables, couches and chairs. On the far end of the room is a large round table made of dark rose wood. With chairs circling it made of the same but padded in the deepest red colored velvet. A gabled window looks out over the Cultist's rooftop garden and the city as a whole. Along the wall a large fish-tank on a gold stand has recently been added. It is probably a 100 gallons or so and it is full of tropical salt-water fish. The floor is carpeted with a beautiful Oriental rug with a complicated pattern in shades of red and purple, suggestive of a lily. It has a thick pad underneath it to make it soft. A few bean bag chairs are piled in a corner along with baskets full of pillows and blankets. There are a few potted plants and flowers sitting around. There is a single scroll, attached to a wall. This scroll is something of a divergence from the erotic imagery, which is generally displayed throughout the Cult wing. It is instead a simple document, written in a rather flowery hand, entitled `The Code of Ananda'.

        The room has been filled with live palm trees and flowers. The bar is covered with food and drinks of all kinds.  There is a stack of flowered shirts, lei’s and hula skirts by the bar and candles made of coconuts sitting on all the tables. The air is scented with tropical flowers and rain. The table has been moved and a small stage set up for the band in its place. There is also a joke box.

The rest of the Cult Wing has been opened, save the private rooms.

        In the center of the room is a fountain of what looks like fire, but if you are brave enough to reach past the way it seems… and touch the flames… it is not fire but rather living energy. When it touches you it seems to respond to your emotions and glow with the colors of your aura. It dances through your skin sending ripples of tingling pleasure through you. When you pull away it leaves your skin slightly more sensitive and produces a feeling of well being and happiness. The strength of the effect depends on how long you leave you touch it.

((Life 3/Forces/3Mind/2/Entropy2/Prime 3 effect. Life/Forces 3: It stimulates your skin increasing sensitivity in relation to how long you touch it. The sky is the limit. Mind/Entropy 2:2:It responds to your aura and desires. The sensation produced will be the thing that is most likely to bring you pleasure. Prime allows it to last indefinitely))


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