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June 11 2009

An update?! Yes!! Finally.. I have returned.. and why you may ask?? To bring you amazing new Norm News. Its what we've all been waiting for since the reality trend hit t.v.... "The Norm Macdonald Reality Show"... yess!!

Norm recently spilled the beans on a possible upcoming new's what he said

" I'm doing a television show on the channel FX, which will actually be funny, or it might be. I wrote it. Have you ever seen "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?" I like that show, and I think that's FX's only comedy, so they wanted a companion. I really like FX a lot; they don't give you very many notes or anything. So they're finally going to let me do something I want to do. It's called "The Norm MacDonald Reality Show." The premise is my career has fizzled into oblivion, so they give me a reality show, which I reluctantly take. So I have to date the Barbie twins and do all this weird, retarded stuff. Now I don't know how to drive in real life-my actual life-so in the show they teach me to get a license, but maybe they get Lee Ermey to teach me; you know, some twist. Anyway, so during the driving lesson, I accidentally kill the teacher. And then all hell breaks lose. I start to become famous again, and the show becomes a hit, and the trial starts. I get my fame that I didn't want in the first place. But there's a lot of funny stuff in it. I guess I'm telling it like it's not funny."

So can it be? I guess we must wait and see if this show truly airs on FX.

You can read the complete article here

Due to popular demand, I am currently working on reproductions of my personal Norm MacDonald tapes. I will update when I have something available.

Norm is now on tour! Don't miss your chance to see him live Click here to purchase tickets

The History of Our Norm: Norm was fired by SNL in 98' for dropping an "F" bomb on "live" tv.He later made a movie called "Dirty Work" it recieved very bad reviews by the critics but we (the true Norm fans) all loved it.
He did the voice of Lucky the dog in "Dr.Dolittle" and he had a small part in "The People vs.Larry Flint" were he played a reporter.
He also played Frank in "Billy Madison" he also appears in "Man On the Moon." His most recent work is "Screwed" where he stars as Willard Filmore. He has another small part in "Duece Bigalow male Gigalow." He has many other tv appearances like the episode on "The Drew Carey Show" where a played a bully. His other tv appearances include "Family Guy" [as death] "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," "Late Show with David Letterman," "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher," "The Daily Show," and comedy specials on both MTV and VH-1. He has also made guest appearances on "NewsRadio," and "The Larry Sanders Show."

In 2007 Norm participated in the "World Series of Poker Tour". Late last year (2008) you may have recognized Norm's voice in an AT&T Go Phone commercial where he was a gingerbread boy asking his dad for a go phone while people "Won't stop eating my house!".

Top 6 Reasons to Love Norm..why 6? there's no rules on how many reasons you need for anything!


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