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Vibrational Essences from the Grail Cup of Jotunheimen

(Please see below for description of New Nordic Essence - "Grail Well" - Peaceful Source)

JOTUNHEIMEN - "the home of the giants" - and Jotunheimen National Park, is the epitome of Norwegian mountain country with its high peaks and mountain communities in the valleys. Here, 400 million years ago the Jotundekket, a mountainous layer, folded over the existing layers of sand and slate. The hardest minerals comprise today's sharp peaks, the calcium rich rocks giving rise to a very varied plant life. In this region of fresh air and pure, rushing rivers, the timber line is the highest in Norway, the pine forest extending to approximately 1,100 meters above sea level.

Grail Well - "Peaceful Source" - Fears, Hidden Motivations, Peace, Tranquility, Dedication, Service
This essence is received from a spring source emerging at the base of a solid rock hill which faces directly towards the original Tønsberg, Norway hilltop settlement, the established pilgrimage site of Tønsberg's St. Michael's stone chapel. It is the carrier of the "mother essence frequency" in the sense that it links and grounds the entire series of Nordic Essences to the Earth-plane manifestations of the lineage of the Midway Path. It serves as the "rock bottom" essence, or foundational essence of the series, connecting them to this story of service to All Oneness. It is the energy which grounds itself in between the poles of duality, and anchors the series in its Earthly service. This essence helps us manifest tranquility and grounding in the midst of chaos, confusion and instability. It assists us to recognize our fears, both hidden and known. Supports awareness of our own motivations, and facilitates greater acceptance and/or release, as may be needed. A powerful essence for supporting the release of fears based on the concept of "past-life traumas". Helps to see that "all is for the best" in the Earth story, and to move into a deeper spirit of peace, dedication and service.

Randall Barolet, Tønsberg, Norway, 9 July 2000




Randall Barolet is a practicing intuitive healer, teacher and writer. With education in engineering science, environmental planning, film and television production, and as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Vedic Astrologer(jyotishi), he has worked as a health care practitioner and teacher for over 30 years, providing intuitive readings for his clients for 20 of those years. He has apprenticed with traditional Chinese doctors, psychologists, homeopaths, dowsers, energy healers and spiritual teachers in developing his work, which assists clients and seminar participants to practice ways of discovering, recognizing and creating health from within, using their own path of awakening. Working with our life paths, which sometimes bring us into states of relative imbalance, suffering or disease, we can begin to see each experience as an integral part of our soul-unfoldment process, which is inviting us to awaken in and beyond our personalities to recollect sky-like awareness. This is a vivid awareness free from conception---the awareness that remembers the whole universe is inside us in each moment. Randall teaches spiritual dowsing seminars, using an open integration of many different healing modalities, along with sprinkles of humorous inspiration. These seminars assist the re-discovery of the wonderful nature of life's journey as a multi-dimensional and shared experience of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. He may be contacted directly at EMAIL Click here
and his website for consultations may be found online at: RANDALL BAROLET - Health Consultations and Astrological Readings.

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