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Breast care can never begin too early! Now that you are a Mommy, you will want to make sure you are safe and healthy. Breast Canser is a leading killer of woman, but following a few simple instructions can save your life. Doing a simple self breast examination each month is a must for all woman. Listed below are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Do your breast exam at the same time time each month, make sure to write down the day you do it on your calendar. A good ideas is to get bright colored stickers, put one on the day you plan on doing the exam, that way when you plan on doing it, you can't forget.
2. Look for lumps, hard knots, or skin that thickens or dimples, check for any change in the normal look or feel of your breasts.
3. Report ANY changes to your doctor or nurse.
4. Go for regular breast exams and pap tests
5. Ask you doctor about a mammogram

There are 3 different ways of doing a Self Breast Exam, I am listing them below:

1. Lying Down...

Place a pillow under your right shoulder. Put your right hand under your head. Check your entire breast area with your finger pads of your left hand. Use small circles and follow an up and down pattern. Use light, medium and firm pressure over each area of your breast. Repeat these steps on your left breast.

2. Before a Mirror...

Check for any changes in the shape or look of your breasts. Note any skin or nipple changes such as dimpling or nipple discharge. Inspect your breasts in four steps: arms at side, arms overhead, hands on hips pressing firmly to flex chest muscles, and bending forward

3. In the Shower...

Raise your right arm. With soapy hands and fingers flat, check your right breast. Use the method described in the "Lying Down" step. Repeat on your left breast

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Important Health Tests For Women

1.Test: BLOOD GLUCOSE (for diabetes)- Frequency: 45 & older; or every 3 years if test results are normal, or as directed by doctor.

2. Test: BLOOD PRESSURE- Frequency: Annually; more frequently if over 140/90

3. Test: BREAST SELF-EXAM*- Frequency: 20 & older; monthly

4. Test: CHOLESTEROL CHECK- Frequency: Every 5 years or as directed by doctor

5. Test: CLINICAL BREAST EXAM- Frequency: 20-39-every 3 years, 40 & older-annually

6. Test: COLON & RECTAL EXAMS*- Frequency: 50 & older, one of these schedules:
1. Fecal Occult Blood Test Annually; Flexible Sigmoidoscopy with Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) every 5 years
2. Colonoscopy and DRE every 10 years
3. Double-Constrast Barium Enema and DRE every 5-10 years

7. Test: DIGITAL RECTAL EXAM- Frequency: 40 & older; annually or as directed by a doctor

8. Test: DENTAL CHECKUP- Frequency: Every six months

9. Text: ELECTROCARDIOGRAM (Heart)- Frequency: As directed by the doctor

10. Test: ENDOMETRIAL TISSUE SAMPLE- Frequency: At menapause if at high risk for Urerine Cancer

11. Test: EYE EXAMINATION- Frequency: 40: baseline exam; 40-64: every 2-4 years; 65 & older: every 1-2 years

12. Test: HEARING TEST- Frequency: Test if Heariing Problems or loss is suspected or as directed by doctor

13. Test: MAMMOGRAM*- Frequency: 40 & older: annually

14.Test: PAP SMEAR & PELVIC EXAM*^^- Frequency: At 18 or onset of sexual activity; annually^^

15. Test: ROUTINE CHECKUP (including cancer-related checkup)- frequency: As directed by doctor

16. Test: THYROID- Frequency: As directed by doctor

In View of your history, ask your doctor whether you need more frequent tests or screening
*- based on American cancer Society Recommendations
^^- After 3 or more consecutive satifactory annual exams, The Pap test may be performed less frequently at the direction of your doctor

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Here are three great pieces of information for ya, these are great tips!!! Enjoy...

#1. Wash your face thoroughly. While your face is still wet, rub in a small amount of petroleum jelly. Continue wetting your face until the jelly is evenly spread and does not appear greasy. Many expensive health spas use this treatment, but never reveal that this is their secret method. You will be surprised how smooth and soft your skin feels. Remember that it will not stay greasy if you continue to add water a little at a time.

#2. Pour apple cider vinegar into a basin of warm water and splash your face thoroughly with it. Let this dry without using a towel. If used once a day, this will restore the natural ph-balance or acid mantle to your skin. Acne sufferers should try this also, but be sure to start with a perfectly clean face. Instead of splashing it on, you can put some in a spray bottle and just spray it on.

#3. After face is thoroughly washed, spray with cold mineral water. After you apply makeup spray again. Your makeup will stay fresher longer.