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the last remaining witch bitch around

i luv the beach, drinkin & shoppin...
i luv hangin out w/ my friends, and going on vacations...
i luv rum coke, ice tea & san miguel lite (in no particular order!...
i crave for sunsets, mush, talaba,shawarma...
200 cigarettes, doin the grind 2 r&b, and swooning ovr enrique iglesias
well, don't just sit there, check this out....

grad trip

hey, u've gone this far so now u know this is such a blah page. like it, loathe it, i don't really care. just doing this for the heck of it! anyway, will add more pix & stuff soon! (when i finally figure out how 2 do all that shit!!!!) if ur bored & have absolutely nothn 2 do, come back!
no guarantees. no apologies.
everythins free!!!!!

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time is never wasted
when ur wasted all the time