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KM Exchange Inc. : Shops

[Gasoo sales shop]

Come buy items of various gasoos or trade. Stars include: Fin K.L., S.E.S, Shinhwa, YIIK, NRG, Click-B, Lee Jung Hyun, H.O.T, G.O.D, etc. We sell posters, special little booklets, postcards, pictures, calendars and much more!

Express Lane]

The Express Lane is your aisle to cd's of your choice. Order your choice of tapes recorded from CD's. This includes a list of the following gasoos: H.O.T, Jinusean, YG Family, S.E.S, Shinhwa, Sechskies, Koyotae, Uptown, and many others! * Closed for reconstruction*

Magazine Counter]

This is where you will find all the mini posters (pin ups) to buy. Article's from listed magazine's must be requested in order to buy. Many pin ups are posted but the magazines aren't listed yet. There are also other things in there; such as magazine postcards or pictures on harder paper material *agh how do I explain? haha*.

New Items in Stock]

This is the section where you will find all the new items that we have up for sale. These items will only be up in this section for about 2 weeks and then they will be moved to the gasoo sales section if they are unwanted. Check out the gasoo cards and planner inserts we have up in here!

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