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K*M Exchange Inc. : S.E.S Merchandise

S.E.S Cards

These cards are $0.25 each and when you order them and send in your money, please include one stamp. Each card is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 centimeters. These cards are from Pastel 3, 2000.

(Shoo) Item Number: sesC1

(Sea) Item Number: sesC2

(Eugene) Item Number: sesC3

Planner Inserts

All inserts are quantity 1 and are $0.50 plus one stamp unless otherwise specified.

Item Number: sesinsert1

Each planner insert individually is $0.50 plus stamp, or you can buy all three as a package for $1.25 plus stamp. These are for 6 ring planners. We have one of each at the moment.

On the back are these insert pictures. Each insert has a back and front picture. These are from Photot Music 1.

The first planner insert -
Item number: sesplnr1

Second planner insert -
Item number: sesplnr2

*Sold out*

Third planner insert -
Item number: sesplnr3

All Three Inserts -
Item number: Sespack2

Zzang! Booklet

This ZZang booklet contains Fin KL and SES. The picture scanned is the front and back cover of the booklet. It came from Pastel 1, 2000. It is approximately 14 by 10 1/2 inches and contains full page pictures. From the S.E.S section of the booklet it has three full page of each individual member, and the front cover has the group pictures. Here's the information on back and front for the S.E.S pages:

*cover* Group / Group
Eugene / Sea
Shoo / Sea
Sea / Eugene
Eugene/ Shoo
Shoo / Ju Hyun

The booklet cost $4, not including shipping and handling. For additional information on the Fin KL pages, please check the Fin KL merchandise.

Item Number: ZZang1
Quantity: 1

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