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K*M Exchange Inc. : New items, page 4

FriendShip Cards

This is an example of what the friendship cards look like from the front and back.

These friendship cards come from Pastel 4, 2000 and will be sold individually. Each friendship card is about 2"x2.5" and will be sold for $0.50 each. If you'd like to see a bigger picture of any gasoo, please e-mail: and ask her which friendship card you are interested in.

Here is a list of the friendship cards being sold
From top to bottom, left to right:

Shoo from S.E.S
Item Number: fscses1
Quantity left: 2

Eugene from S.E.S
Item Number: fscses2
Quantity left: 2

Sea from S.E.S
Item Number: fscses3
Quantity left: 2

Lee Jung Hyun
Item Number: fscljh1
Quantity left: 2

Jun Ji Hyun
Item Number: fscjjh1
Quantity left: 2

Brian from F2TS *top*
Item Number: fscbrian1
Quantity left: 2

Fanny from F2TS *top*
Item Number: fscfany1
Quantity left: 2

Kye Sung from GOD
Item Number: fscgod1
Quantity left: 2

Danny from GOD
Item Number: fscgod2
Quantity left: 2

Ho Young from GOD
Item Number: fscgod3
Quantity left: 2

Tae Woo from GOD
Item Number: fscgod4
Quantity left: 2

Joon from GOD
Item Number: fscgod5
Quantity left: 2

Fanny from F2TS *bottom*
Item Number: fscfany2
Quantity left: 2

Brian from F2TS *bottom*
Item Number: fscbrian2
Quantity left: 2

Sung Yuri
Item Number: fscfinkly
Quantity left: 2

Lee Jin
Item Number: fscfinklj
Quantity left: 2

Lee Hyori
Item Number: fscfinklh
Quantity left: 2

Ok JuHyun
Item Number: fscfinkljh
Quantity left: 2

Kim Hee Sun
Item Number: fsckhs1
Quantity left: 2

Kim Min Hee
Item Number: fsckmh1
Quantity left: 2

Kim Hyo Jin
Item Number: fsckhj1
Quantity left: 2

Hye Sung from Shinhwa
Item Number: fscshinhwa1
Quantity left: 1

Min Woo from Shinhwa
Item Number: fscshinhwa2
Quantity left: 1

Jun Jin from Shinhwa
Item Number: fscshinhwa3
Quantity left: 1

Dong Wan from Shinhwa
Item Number: fscshinhwa4
Quantity left: 1

Eric from Shinhwa
Item Number: fscshinhwa5
Quantity left: 1

Andy from Shinhwa
Item Number: fscshinhwa6
Quantity left: 1

Tony from H.O.T
Item Number: fsctony
Quantity left: 0

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