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K*M Exchange Inc. : H.O.T Pictures, Page 2

K*M Exchange Inc. attended the H.O.T autograph session and concert in LA on March 11th and March 12th. Pictures were taken at both events and are going on sale for .75 cents each, including shipping, and a number of stamps depending on the amount of pictures requested. All pictures have been scanned for your convenience, but we have not written all the item numbers under the pictures yet. There is a seperate page and order form in which you could order some of these pictures. Those event pictures do not all have scanned pictures with them. Those pictures can still be ordered from VaNiLLa. Please go to: to buy some pictures. Please do not use any of the pictures below without K*M Exchange Inc.'s permission.

U.S. Shipping charges, using stamps:

For 1-6 pictures requested: 1 stamp
For 7-13 pictures: 2 stamps
For 14-20 pictures: 3 stamps
For 21-27 pictures: 4 stamps
For 28-34 pictures: 5 stamps
For 35-41 pictures: 6 stamps
For 42-48 pictures: 7 stamps
Over 50 pictures, please ask us

Autograph session pics, part two:

[1] [2]

Concert pics]

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