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Julianne Nicholson
Height: 5'9"

The oldest of four siblings, Julianne Nicholson was born and raised in Medford, Massachusetts (outside Boston). After graduating from high school, she modeled in New York for six months, quit for a year, and then resumed her modeling career in Paris for another six months. Upon her return to New York, she entered Hunter College, where she was a general studies major for two years.

While in New York, Nicholson supported herself by waitressing and eventually left school to study acting and begin her professional career. In her first feature film role she starred opposite Michael Caine and James Spader in "Curtain Call." Later she won what proved to be both her breakout and favorite role as a headstrong young feminist in "The Love Letter" with Tom Selleck and Kate Capshaw. Her other feature film credits include the upcoming independent films "What Happened to Tully?" and "Passion of Mind," as well as "One True Thing," "Harvest" and "Long Time Since."

Among Nicholson's television credits are a starring role in the television miniseries "Storm of the Century" and guest-starring roles in "New York Undercover," "Dellaventura" and "Nothing Sacred."

In her spare time, Nicholson is learning rock climbing in gyms and intends to practice on the real thing soon. She also enjoys reading (especially fiction), hiking in the country, and fully intends to learn how to cook.

Currently Julianne stars as Jenny on the Fox television series "Ally McBeal", which airs Monday nights. Her birthday is July 1st. She is about 25 years old.


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