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The webmater will be offline for a few weeks over the Chrissy/New Year break, so will not be able to send out the Black & White Jacinta pictures until he returns.

Attention Aussie Jacinta fans... she's back from the US and we will hopefully be seeing her on Aussie TV in the next few months! Stay tuned for more details.

Rumour has it, she may be making a guest appearance on Neighbours!

She was last spotted at a St.Kilda Fashion Show in Victoria... pictures are available in Sanity magazine.

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More pics added soon!

BORN: June 6, 1979

EDUCATION: Star of the Sea College (Yrs. 7 - 10). Sandringham Secondary College (Yrs. 11 - 12)

FILM APPEARANCES: "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", "Three Sectors" and "What the Moon Saw"

COMMERCIAL APPEARANCES: Hungry Jacks, Chuppa Chup, Smarties, Yellow Pages, Mars, BP, K Mart and My Child

FAVOURITE FILM(S): "Dangerous Liasons", "What Dreams May Come", "Life is Beautiful" and "The Usual Suspects"

FAVOURITE BAND(S): Portishead, Bjork, Ben Harper and various dance and lounge music

This portion of the site will be updated regularly with news and info on what Jacinta is up to

Jacinta appeared on a Brithish Television Network's "Live and Kicking" program in December last year.

Jacinta has recently broken up with her boyfriend of four years, as reported by a British magazine.

Jacinta has left Neighbours, and will finish on air in June/July of this year. She now plans to head to LA.

The Weekly News article - June 19, 1999

Jacinta's Neighbours character - Amy Greenwood

If you would like to contact Jacinta, or join her fan mailing list, e-mail me and I will give you the appropriate addresses.

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