VH1.. I hate
March 3, 2001

I feel that the following email to VH1 speaks for it self.

Hello. I just finished watching "100 Greatest Hard Rock Bands Ever." I feel the need to express my disappointment in VH1. I would now rather watch MTV over VH1, which expresses just how much I am upset. I feel that your list was completely off. How in this entire world, can you NOT put the Rolling Stones in the Top 10. I mean, obviously, then do deserve to be Number One. There is nobody in this entire world who has been able to influence music as much as them. However, I find it quiet funny that you can post them at Number Two on your "Top 10 Most Influential Artists Of All Time," but yet, not make them anywhere close to Number Two on the list of "100 Great Hard Rock Bands." Now, I thought maybe it could be because the Rolling Stones aren't really classified as "hard rock," but then can you please explain to me, what makes a band hard rock? because as I see it, and I'm sure anyone with half a brain sees it, there really isn't a better hard rock band then the Rolling Stones. Nonetheless, Metallica should be off the list. There are nothing more then a Motorhead wannabe band. How can you say *they* are great, but not the Rolling Stones? This is absolutely ridiculous.

Your angry Ex-Viewer, Elizabeth
I now hate VH1. That's all that needs to be said about that.