How hard is it to pee in the toilet?
June 5, 2000

I go to work. I have to pee. I walk into the restroom and the toilet seat is covered in someone else's urine. What the fuck is that? Please tell me how hard it is for a girl to pee in a toilet. I do it everyday and it makes it in perfectly everytime. You can't fucking miss.

The first couple times I noticed someone had peed on the seat I just shruged it off to chance. However, after the 11th or 12th time of having to wipe the fucking seat, it's pissing me off. There can't be that many people that are missing. Maybe if they're two and they can barely reach the toilet.. but even then they have parents who can pick them up and sit them down on the toilet.

People should be forced to wear diapers until they can not pee on the seat. And if they do pee on the seat, wipe it off. C'mon now. How are you not going wipe your own urine off the seat? Is it some kind of weird sexual fetish or what? I just remember a few years ago at my mom's friend's house, they had a cute little sign in the bathroom. And althought it was there just for decoration, it made a lot of sense... *If you sprinkle while you tinkle, be a sweetie wipe the seatie.* Ever since then, I always check the seat when I get up. It's just proper ettique.

It's not only the peeing on the seat that pisses me off, it's also when people find it difficult to flush the toilet. It takes .02 seconds. When people enter high school they should know how to flush a toilet. It should be so engrained in their head that they don't have to think about and it's impossible to forget.

I just find it completely sickening to walk into a bathroom and be faced with someone elses shit in the toilet. As if making sure the seat is dry isn't a big enough task, now I have to flush some else's bowel movements. God damnit.

I'm not a mother. I never want to be. But if I was, I would train my child to wipe the seat and flush the toilet. Who ever doesn't wipe the seat should have to take a bath in their own urine. I bet the seat would be dry after that. And for those who don't flush the toilet.. they should have their head stuck in it. I bet the water would be clean from then on too.