Do You Love Her?
August 7, 2000

Yesterday, my boyfriend, Nicholas, and I, decide to go to Subway so he can get the meatball sub he's been wanting badly. So we go. Nicholas is a pretty personable guy. He's funny, sweet, and totally beautiful.

He starts taking to the chick behind the counter about doing "The Hustle," and she starts in with the whole, "Well you can teach me..." shit. Totally obvious to me standing right next to him. Well, before long the other girl who works there (there was only two there this time), comes up to us and starts talkign to Nicholas. She doesn't really say much to me, I'm just sort of standing there while the whole 3 of them talk.

I ask if I can use the restroom and she says yes. As I walk away I hear her ask him if we've been together long. I didn't hear his reply, as I shut the door before I could. Which is just fine with me.

Anyways, I come out and we end up leaving to go to another Subway because they don't have enough meatballs for a whole meatball sub. Nicholas and I ended up getting into just about the hugest fight of our relationship after we left. The two chicks were totally flirting with him and like any other girl, that really bothered me.

Appearently after I left to the bathroom theyt started asking him how long we've been together and if he loves me and so on. The fact that they waited till I left is what bothered me most.

See, that's the thing with chicks. I hate girls. I hate them. If that little blonde skanky whore bitch actually gave a fuck about my relationship with him, they would have asked me, not him. Girls never ask guys about their relationships unless they want to fuck them. Period.

That's all there is to it. And that's what pisses me off. Girls are so just like, whatever. Regardless if the guys girlfriend is standing right there or not, if a girl wants to fuck a guy, she doesn't care worth shit.

The only reason that girl asked Nicholas how long we've been together was to see how strong our relationship was and how hard she'd have to work to fuck him. Same thing applies to how she asked, "Do you love her? Do you tell her you love her? Does she say it back?" It's just a chick's way of seeing how strong the relationship is and how hard she'll have to work to fuck the guy. The only time a girl might actually care about the relationship and ask the guy is when he's alone, but most likely, she just wants to fuck him and that's all.

That's how chick's work. That's it. That's all. I still have half a nerve to go back to that Subway and tell those chicks to fuck themselves. Oi.