Popeye the Sailorman
July 6, 2000

I was at dinner tonight. We had pizza. It was good. Mmm. My grandma order a calzone as well. The spelling is wrong, but ah well. It's an italian dish, like a pizza pot pie sort of. It looks good too.

When I was younger and lived in Colorado with my grandparents, I loved spinach. It was my absolute favorite. Not only that, but Popeye the Sailor Man was one of my most favourite cartoons. You see the connection? Well, Popeye eats a lot of spinach. One night I was sitting in my high-chair. yes, I still sat in one at this time. Wow, that was so long ago. I forgot how long it was. Anyway, I ate a whole can of spinach. It was good too. I loved it. I kept saying that "I'm going to be strong like Popeye." I didn't really believe it, but it was funny. My grandparents were laughing so I said it.

I finished the whole can of spinach.

Later that night, I fell asleep in my grandma's bed with her. I don't remember why. I think I had a bad dream or something, maybe got scared. Either way, that's irrelevant to the story. So I fell asleep. And I ended up throwing up in my sleep. I never realized it, never. I never woke up from it, just kept sleeping and sleeping. It was grandma who actually had to wake me up. I threw up the whole can of spinach.. all over her beautiful gray sheets. (And if you know my grandmother, you know she buys the most expensive things she can find, including her sheets). So there you have it, a whole can of spinach, all over her sheets.

When I finally woke up and saw what I had done, I of course began to cry and then threw up again. I don't remember anything after that. Nothing. Even if I try to remember, I can't. It goes as far as my grandma turning her bedside light on and waking me up and me seeing mucus filled with green spinach leaves all over her sheets. It's really fuzzy too, like a dream. The things you remember. Hmm.

Oh so yeah. But I remember that. And I've never eaten spinach since then. Just the thought makes me sick. If I see spinach I feel the same way. It's that connection thing.

Well, my grandma order a calzone last time we had pizza too, I guess she likes them. Well, she always orders the spinach, cheese and garlic one. Last time she ordered it, I got brace and tried it. There was barely any spinach in it, mostly chesse, so if I closed my eyes, I was okay. And I took a small bite and ate it and I was fine. but all I could have is just that bite. I'm still much too scared to eat any more then that bite. She order it tonight too, but I couldn't even look at it. It's like I have this fear of spinach.

It's really odd. I knew memories were important, but I never knew how much of a role they play in our everyday life. How everything we like and dislike is all formed from memories. It's weird. When you realize that though, it's sort of calming. I like those buhdda meditating moments. Really peaceful.. like.. wow. Heh. That rocks.