A reflection of my year
June 12, 2000

Today is the end of my junior year. I'm a senior now. I can hardly believe it. I've learned a lot this year. I guess that's what this piece is. Things I've learned this year.
Math sucks. bad.
East coast schools suck.
East coast girls are whores.
If your best friends are your best friends, they'll stay your best friends 3000 miles away.
Friends that you didn't think were really your friends might turn out to be really good friends when you move 3000 miles away.
Never work at McDonalds.
Always have a friend with benefits.
Police like to watch other people have sex.
Having sex on the hood of a car is good.
Mesquitos suck.
Lark's a whore.
It's hard to find a really great guy who will care about you more then the world when you're 3000 miles away.
When you do find that guy who will care about you 3000 miles away, hold onto him. *smile*
New Hampshire sucks.
Riverside isn't as bad as everybody thinks.
The belltower at UCR tastes funny.
Take a picture of your ass at least once in your life. It's a great coversational topic.
Not many guys like short hair.
Being 16 rocks.

I guess there's a lot more I learned. But I've never more at one time then when I moved here to New Hampshire. You really truly learn who your friends are. I learned that my {ex} boyfriend, who I thought I loved, wasn't really who I thought he was. I learned that I can survive anything now. I learned what it means to have your family there. I just realized a lot about the world.

I always thought I took a lot of my old life for granted. But now, as I look back, in a new state, on my own, I realized that I never really took that much for granted. I'm proud of myself for that. All the times after school at UCR with Jilly. All the times Lois gave me her fruit snacks at lunch, and the time last year when we listened to *lullaby* by Shawn Mullins and it was freezing outside. The times that Doreen stayed the night and we always had hamburgers and Sprite.

There's also a lot that I wish I had done while I was there and had the chance. I know I'll be back in a year, but it's still like damn. I wish I had tried harder to make time to go out with Nick. I always knew he was great, but I never knew he was this great.. until I moved 3000 miles away.

However, I believe that fate happens. Things happen this way for a reason. I make my own decisions, but one way or another, what ever is suppose to happen, will happen. I guess my moving here has proven that. Timothy and I would have broken up whether I stayed or went. It was just a matter of time. Things like that.

I realized how idealistic I am. I can't say it's a bad thing either though. Nick will tell you the opposite though. heh. It's things like this that I have realized in the past year. I wouldn't change anything though. This is the way it's suppose to be. I like my life. I take the good with the bad. I'm happy with the way things have turned out. Thanks to everyone I've come into contact with since September of 1999. I love you all.