Fuck Police
November 30, 2000

I got pulled over with Brandon today. It was stupid shit. I've realized that cops out here are fucking dicks too. Shit like this pisses me off. He pulled us over for headlights and then wanted to give us a ticket. It was dumb. I'm not ever sure why they have cops like him around. I think he was a fucking skinhead racist bitch too. Thank God Brandon and I weren't black right? It's dumb.

He wastes fucking 15 minutes sitting in his damn car when he could of actually been out trying to do something useful. He could of just pulled us over and said, *You're headlights are off.* But no. He goes through the whole time wasting routine. Boy, atleast my tax dollars are being used for a good cause. It's fucking bullshit.

Why the hell are we paying him? He does nothing. And don't give me that *So his family doesn't starve shit.* They deserve to starve for being that fucking dumb to consider him family. Jesus Christ I hope he isn't married.

I've been caught by police for a lot of shit. Mainly just giving uhh... oral pleasure? but the cops didn't do anything more then take my name and ask *do your parents know what you're doing?* But for headlights being off. Ohhhh no. That's a serious offense there. Geeez. I'm surprised he didn't take me straight to jail, because we're hardened criminals since our lights were off.

American Sucks Ass. So I say, Fuck Police. (Atleast Manchester Police anyway).