Hit the Pedestrians
June 22, 2000

Lately it seems as though an awful lot of people just run across the street in moving traffic. More likely though, I just seem to notice it more now. I often wonder what they are thinking. A few possibilities crossed my mind.

Are they trying to end their lives? .. Maybe, but if that's so, they would stop in the street instead of moving. Hmm. Do they think the car will stop? Probably. Most cars will. However, I wouldn't. They are a waste of life anyway. Honestly, if someone if going to run out into moving traffic, they should be hit. Drivers should have the priviledge of going out of their way to hit them.

The fact of this is, people who don't have the intelligence to cross a) at cross walk or b) when a car stops to let them pass, should automatically die. It would help in my *getting rid of the stupid people* plot.

And this has no restriction on age. I don't care if you're two years old. If you cross the street in moving traffic, you should be hit. That's all there is to it. If you're two years old and you're crossing the street by yourself, it's better to die now then later. It's a better way to go. Otherwise you get to live a life of neglect and you'll grow up addicted to herione and endup on Jerry Springer. You know it's true.

What's even worse though, is when they cross the street and look right into your car while they're going sss lll ooo www lll yyy across the street. Now those people, they shoudl get run over by the next three cars passing, and I can only hope they are alive to feel the pain of each car passing over their living body. hehehe.

I hate stupid people.