AA- The Drunk At The Restraunt
March 11, 2002

So last night, Brandon and I are at the Olive Garden enjoying a nice quiet dinner after a horrible horrible day.

There were two couples sitting across from us- obviously drunk off there asses. The two women in the group had WAY too much to drink - so much that even the men were commentting that they had enough to drink. As well as to all that- they had their daughter with them about 9 or 10. Who's she was, I counldn't say- none of them were acting like parents.

Anyway- after about 10 minutes of the whole room starting at them, I glanced over and one of woman who were sitting there waved at me and said "gotcha". Like.. wtf is that.. I guess she got the whole room cos the whole room was staring at her.

About 15 minutes and 4 koniacs, 4 glasses of wine, and 4 laced espressos later, they left. As the same woman who acted like a child earlier, got up to leave, she came over to my table, got into my face and said "When you're old enough to vote, Then you can ask the questions." I was shocked. Here is this 30 year old woman acting like a child.

This pisses me off. First- the fact that because she was so drunk and unable to handle her liquor very well she had to try and ruin my dinner- obviously failed. Second- because she's 30 and I'm 18- GROW THE GODDAMN FUCK UP. Third- she did it in front of a child. How can she act like that in front of a child? A child.

If you're like this woman- please do the world a favour and go to AA, help yourself. Or then again- kill yourself. I like the latter option the best. I don't know. It beats me why she's still alive today. Then again, she's probably the type who attempted but "Accidently" failed. Pathetic if you ask me. Pathetic.