Damn The Man, Save The Empire
July 28, 2000

I used to like Metallica. They were talented, correction, they are talented. However, it's hard for me to like the music a person puts out if I don't respect them as a person. I can hate a person's music, but know them personally and think they are wonderful, and somehow I come to like their music. I think you can see what I'm saying, you're all smart people.

I'm slowly losing more and more respect for the music industry and the people who take part in it. I always knew it was all about the money, but how much so I did not realize until the most recent Napster break out. I'm really upset about all this, just ask anyone I live with.

I am, of course, a user of Napster, and it no way does it discourage me from going out and buying records. There is a certain joy a person gets from buying a new CD and in no way is that equal to downloading an MP3.

I don't like to waste my money on buying CD's that I turn out to hate, to only like one song on them. It's such a waste and before MP3s came out, that's what happened frequently. I guess that's why everybody is so pissed, because now people actually have control over what they hear. For instance, when I first heard of The Ataris, I thought they might be something I like, but out here in New Hampshire, it's hard to find things by them, it *is* New Hampshire. So what I did is I went to Napster, downloaded *Your Boyfriend Sucks* and totally fell in love with the band. That has happened more then once. Fenix*Tx, same story.. Wheatus, same story.. 3 Doors Down, same story. You catch my drift?

The thing that pisses me off most is how they use the excuse of copyright infringement. That's the biggest block of dog shit I've heard since Timothy said he loved he didn't want to fuck Ashley. All these huge bands like Metallica are in for is the money, that's it and they don't want to take any chances of losing money and they feel that Napster does that. These big bands stop caring about us, the fans, the one's who make them them, the ones who give them their money. They don't care about us anymore. That's all it is. When a band is just starting out, they care about us then. They need us. They need us to like them so we can spread the word. They need Napster to spread their music, but once they get big, fuck the fans. That's it. They don't need their music spread because it's being played on every shitty KROQ sellout radio station. That's it.

It's all bullshit. Why don't they try to outlaw CD burners? I mean, I have a few CDs made from those. Hmm.. is that next?

I've lost quite a bit of respect for quite a few bands that I was a huge fan of. I will not be abused though. I will not spend my money, or anybody elses for that matter, on a band who does not care about it's fans, who does not care about me. It's better this way though, atleast now I can spend my money on bands who actually deserve my money.

However, all this relates back to the goverment though. You know it does.