Mindi, with an *I* as in Me.
July 9, 2000

This past week I was at my Uncle's house for his wedding.It was basically a week long party with a whole bunch of alcohol. People flew in from all over the United States, including my home state, California.

The *Rich White Girl Family* (RWGF) has a Fourth of July party every other year. Background on them is that they are really rich, living in Humble, California. Their house is in the cliffs over looking a river down below, all belonging to them. They're house is unbelievably beautiful. You'd have to see it. But needless to say, they have more money then you can imagine. Anyway, every other year they have their party. About 200 people go, and it lasts about a week. It's huge. HUGE.

Well, the *I* girl flew out to my Uncle's wedding with her parents are younger brother. She's about 20, going to college, doing well I suppose. From what she told me, she used to drugs and used to be a slut. Oh wait, she fucked the bride's brother the night before the wedding. Hmm.

So we were sitting in the kitchen and we started talking, don't get me wrong, she's a nice girl, but damn, itd be nice if she talked about something else besides herself. She started telling me how she moved to Humble when she was 16 and how it changed her life and so on and since I just moved 3000 miles away, I figured maybe I could gain some insight from her, relate a little bit, or something. So I'm listening.. and I try to say something and I get a word out and I'm cut off. Hmm, okay, well it is loud, maybe she didn't hear me.

This kept on for a while and it was finally like, "Okay, Yeah, that's nice, stop talking about your self-rightous self for a god damn minute please." *I* this and *me* that. It wouldn't have been so bad if she listened to anything I tried to say. Even just one thing. And never once did she ask me anything, just everything about her. She told me her whole life story. So tragic. Not really.

Rich White Girls always seem to have the *I* syndrome. It's pathetic. Don't their parents realize how they're fucking up their children? I'd like to meet one Rich White Girl who.. a) has never done drugs, b) isn't a slut and c) who is actually able to talk about something/someone besides herself. The *I* Girl is majoring in communications, as she proudly told me, and you'd think that since that class is about communicating she'd be able to hold a conversation on some other topic then herself. Wrong.

This girl has gone through a lot, all of which was self-imposed, but she's still gone through a lot none the less, and I'm completely glad she's overcome the obstacles that could have really ruined her life completely, but one would also think that she learned something from all that, and it really doesn't seem that way. I'm really trying to figure out why she thinks she's so completely special that everyone wants to hear about her.

The thing I found scary however is how everytime I watched her interacting with another poor soul, that person seemed completely engrossed in whatever she was talking about. So I'm casually walk by to see if maybe I was wrong and just got the worse part of it. Nope, she was talking about herself again.

Maybe it's the money factor. Perhaps they feel that if they listen to her ramble on, she'll give them money. Something like that. I mean, when my aunt's (the bride) brother came up from downstairs to say he just fucked her, my Uncle was like, "Oh My God, don't say anything to her parents." I know her parents are really good friends of my Uncle, but I feel as though this was one of the biggest manifestations of the "Money is Power" theory.

Don't get me wrong, I really wish her 3 year long relationship worked out, but I completely understand why it didn't.