About me.. what to say. Well, we'll seperate it into three sections... Present.. than past and last future.. maybe.
Right now I'm eighteen. I'll be nineteen in a month. Wow. Only a month. That's really scarry. Eeeks. Anyway, I live in New Hampshire right now and I've been here for about two years. I work full-time in a grocery store in the produce department and I got to school full-time, only I take all my classes on-line. They count the same, and they're not easy like everyone thinks they are. It's just easier for me to take me classes online than to go to the campus. I do have a boyfriend, we've been together a year and a half now. I also have a dog and four cats, I had two, but the girl cat had babies and now I have four. I still live at home and plan to for atleast another year. I listen to a variety of music mainly punk and emo, and the radio. I love the radio. Am I missing anything? Ask away....

I grew up in Southern California in a town called Riverside. I went to high school and a relatively large school. I loved it. I was popular, I guess. Everybody knew me, but yet everybody hated me. People thought I was stuck-up and a bitch- they were only half right. I dated a number of guys, but only a few of them meant something. There's nothing else really in the pass different than what's going on now.

Hmm.. I know I will eventually move back to California and own a house on Poppy Ave. Not anytime soon, but eventually. I will get my masters in English and graduate law school. I will own a BMW (well, maybe, I'm starting to not like them, again, so we'll see) and I will be getting ready to retire by 40.. hopefully. I don't plan on having children, I've thought about it, but it's not for me. Who knows though. Everything is relative.