Homophobes on Television
July 13, 2000

Lately is seems one of the biggest things in the news is the fact that Meg Ryan and her beau are getting divorced after so many years of marriage. So sad. However, it's not the fact that t.v. puts too much emphasis on Hollywood relationships that bothers me, it's the way they desribed the past of Russel Crowe.

Obviously if you've heard of the divorce, you've also heard that Crowe has been romantically linked to Ryan after they filmed their movie together, both deny the allegations though.

Anyways, tonight on Extra!, they had a special on Crowe and his rise to fame, his background and the movies he was in before making it big. Well, when the host, whatever her name is, introduced the series, she put extra emphasis on the fact that Crowe kissed another man during his earlier career, quote ".. even kissing another man."

This really bothers me.

Anyone who knows me and has ever heard me debate knows I will argue to death over homosexuality. I don't feel that in this day and age, homosexuality should be treated any different then any other topic and when someone puts extra focus on the topic, as if it was something to be ashamed of, they should just be shot.

I don't understand why it's so hard for people to comprehend the fact that people do not choose to be gay. I never choose to be straight. I just am. Did you choose to be straight? I doubt it. And if you didn't choose to be straight then why is it so hard to believe that someone else didn't choose to be gay? Oh wait.. that's right.. the bible.

Well, I don't believe in the bible. Give me a different reason.

I'm still waiting.

Just what I thought. You can't. Unless you're stuttering, "It's just wrong" over and over. Sorry to dissapoint you though, I need a better reason then that. Give me support. When you think of an actual reason, I'll be glad to hear it.

This was on national television, something that a wide variety of people were watching. It's so sad how people have to use sexuality to gain ratings. I can see using sex, that's cool, but not sexual preference. I wish this world would grow up and start realizing what their words and actions are doing to this world.

Homosexuality isn't something to be used to gain ratings from and if you have to use it to gain ratings, I pity you more then I pity Lark.