80 years ago today..
September 7, 2000

Here in New Hampshire, it's live free or die, as you should know by now. Meaning- there's no state tax, on anything. Nothing. However, due to that, we have REALLY high property tax, it's incredible. Out here they use property tax to fund schools, it's really pathetic.

My school is about 80 years old, it was built sometime in the 1920s. That was a long time ago. After listening to teachers go on and on about the school, I've learned that the original wood floors in the school, are the original floors that were built with the school. Tell me that isn't old. not only that, but the black boards in the school are the original ones they put in. In my Economics class, part of the chalk board is missing and there's a bout a 4 inch hump in the floor where the wood swells up with the humidity.

Why is it that school aren't being properly funded? The state finally decided to help pay for some repairs and other such things, but because there are so many people living in Manchester, about 101,000, they feel that Manchester can pay for itself, versus a community who only has 10,000. So in other words, the small community with less people has better school then anywhere in Manchester. Yet- if anyone tries to take money from their schools for others, they throw a fit about it.

This further goes to prove my fact of people being selfish whores. These people in small communities have such awesome schools already that all this money is completely unneccessary. It should in today's world that the school with more people get more funding rather then the way it is now. Everywhere you look around the school with the most people are horrible.

Politicians are stupid though, I mean, they are politicians. We shouldn't expect too much. But why don't we as a community, being parents and teachers made more an effort to improve school conditions. I guess it all relates back to my view of people and their stupidity. Stupid people shouldn't breed.

In the small towns, there are the really wealthy people and in the big towns there arae the imbreds. The imbreds don't give a shit about education. The only reason they send their children to school is so they can have peace and quiet while they watch "Jerry Springer" all day and fuck their brother. That's about it. Whereas, the wealthy people actually care about education and actually contribute to their child's learning process. Hmmm.

I guess the world wants stupid people to take over after all. That's the only reasoning behind it. It's run by stupid people. I guess it all makes sense. Damn the man, Save the Empire. Revolt against school conditions. I don't know. If prayer was still in schools, this would never be a problem, I'm sure of it. Ooooh boy.

But honestly, until this world starts helping out with the schools they should stop harpering about "Education is the only way to success." I should just more to Europe. Everything is better in Europe. Oi.