Apparel vs. Education
May 8, 2000

The temperature today is about 95 degrees, nice huh? Only, out here it's humid, so the humidity makes it about 110 degrees. It's not so bad.. except I got to a school that is inclosed, with 2000 students and has four levels. All that equals really hot by third period.

I decided today would be a good day to wear shorts. So I did. I wore shorts. No big deal right? Ha.. you'd be mistaken.

I walk into first period and the first thing my teacher says to me is to go the office because my shorts are too short. My shorts are green, a nice shade of green, made by Mossimo. They are not short. They are not long, but they are not short either.

I go to the office as I was instructed and I am sent home. I am sent home because my shorts are too short. This whole conflict raises some issues with me.

1) Why is it that other girls can wear shorts shorter then mine and skirts that barely cover their ass and nothing happens to them? but I wear a pair of decent length shorts and I am sent home. Hmm. Makes a person wonder. I brought this up to the Assisant Principal as we were *disagreeing*. Her reply to me is that they will get sent up there later in the day. However, out of all the 4 weeks I've been there, they completed the whole day without anything happening. I brought that to her attention too, she had no reply. Uh huh. Exactly.

2) How are my shorts going to affect my learning? Are they going to magically seep into my brain just because they aren't knee length and absorb all my smarts or something? Honestly, what does my apparel have to do with my education? This brings me to my last, very important point.

3) How the fuck is a school that *I* go to going to worry more about what I am wearing then the education itself? Is this not a school for learning? Since when the hell did the rules change and why wasn't I notified? A school is an insitution for learning, not for checking clothes. What I wear has nothing to do with how I learn. If this school cares so much about what a student wears, then they need to enforce a uniform policy.

I find it ridiculous that they are going to limit what a student can or cannot wear when they do not have air conditioning in a 4 level, inclosed school with 2000 students. A school is for learning and that is what they should focus on, it's not like this school can't improve. Trust me. They have a lot of improving to do in their academics department and paying close attention to what students wear will not improve that situation at all.

Damn the man, Save the empire.