A dollar a prayer
August 12, 2000

Yesterday I went to San Diego with my boyfriends family. It was really nice, atleast I thouht it was. We spent 2 hours on a train from Riverside to San Diego and then we spent about 4 hours in Old Town San Diego where the Mission is.. I think.

Well, it was about 430 and we hand to meet Nick's Dad and the church because he had some meeting to go to. So we're all at the church waiting and Nick and I decide to go inside and wait because it has to be a lot cooler inside then it is outside. So inside we go.

Oh yeah, this church, it's a Catholic church, nice huh?

So we're inside for quite come time just sitting, talking.. okay so he spent some of the time sleeping.

There were a whole lot of candles all voer the place. I've seen Catholic churches on television, so I know that there are lots of candles, so that's not what grabbed my attention. This lady comes and walks to the red cnadles and lights four, then she walks to the blue candles and lights four more. She told me she had some "big prayers". Then she goes to the pew and does her little prayer thing.

Jake, Nick's cousin, pointed out that the candles were just light bulbs and not actual candles. All you do is push a button to light them. Hmmm.

So I get up and go look for myself. I walk across to the red candles and I read the sign in front. It says the first thing you have to do in order to light a candle is donate a dollar. Donate a dollar? for a prayer? Ehhh?

Well, what the fuck is that? This is exactly why I hate religion and I further more do not believe in the exsistence of organized religion. How is a church going to require a dollar donation be made in "God's name" in order to have a prayer candle made? Back in the day when they had actual candles, I can understand it because candles get expenisve after 200 of them are needed. But their not using real candles anymore, so what the fuck?

I understand that electricity to turn them on is expenisve, but if a church can afford 10 stained glass windows and statues of "Saints" all over the churh and it's yard, then I'm more then sure they can afford to keep an "electric candle" burning for a few days. Just turn them off at night right? Nobody will know.

When the "Worship Coordinator" came to yell at my boyfriend and me, I asked her why it costed a dollar and all she did was yell at me for not being respectful. She's the goddamn worship coordinator and she doesn't even know shit about the worship praying candles.

This church is making a mockary out of God and religion. It's pathetic. How can you require a donation to be made and still call it a dollar. The least they could do is say there is a dollar fee for lighting a candle. It's ridiculous.

And yet, they still wonder why we do not believe in God. Hmmm.