The Next Episode
December 19, 2000

Well, now that chick is harrassing me.. here's the lastest she has sent me...

cool addition to the site! i know AOL TOS services will love it! we'll just wait and see the results!

I find her attempts to radicate my system both pathetic and flattering at the same time. It amazes me that one would be so attached to my website that they try to bring me down as soon as I don't post something they wrote for it. I'm really glad that people feel that strong about my site, but when it goes to the point of trying to bring me down because I think your retarded, it's gone a little too far.

It seems to me that a person who feels so strongly about my web site and reads it religiously would realize that outside of my dear Brandon, my friends back home, and some of my family, I don't give a shit about anyone elses feelings. Yes, in most ways, I am in the words of my dear ex, "a cold hearted bitch," but hey, it must be a good thing, because you're still reading my site. So basically, her feeble attempts to bring me down, bring nothing except entertainment and more writings for you to read.

I've never realized how many people are attatched to my site. It's really nice to know though that people are actually interested in what I have to say. Unfortunately, some people take it too far like this poor pathetic soul. So sad.