Ahhhh.. I Remember Now....
December 18, 2000

I realize now why I use to say that most chicks are good for nothing but giving head and I realize now why most guys say that too.

A few weeks ago, this chick wrote a rant for my page and wanted me to add it and a soon as I went to ask her something she signed off. I'm not about to add something to my page that I don't feel fits the format. I was willing to add it too, I just wanted her to add more of a focus, more support and so on. Nothing big, nothing fancy. People give me criticizm on my page all the time, I take it with a grain of salt and if I like their suggestions, I use them, if not, I don't. It is my page.

Anyway, this chick i/med me today.. here is the following conversation.....

PDubbsHW: thanks for putting me on your web site
XoXOutofReachXoX: Don't even start getting snotty.
XoXOutofReachXoX: I i/med you after you sent that and you signed off
XoXOutofReachXoX: And I've been waiting for you to come online again, but I haven't seen you on.
PDubbsHW: what exactly did you say?
XoXOutofReachXoX: So really, save the attitude.
PDubbsHW: excuse me, what exactly did you intend to say when you "imed me"?
XoXOutofReachXoX: I was going to ask you to make it more opinionated and more focused on a point.
PDubbsHW: i believe it was
PDubbsHW: but then again it was so long ago...
XoXOutofReachXoX: It wasn't.
PDubbsHW: whatevs
XoXOutofReachXoX: Oh my.
PDubbsHW: yea
XoXOutofReachXoX: hahahaha.
PDubbsHW: funny aint it?
PDubbsHW: i just wanna say that all your little posts on ur site are much less well organized and original and opionated, than mine ever was
XoXOutofReachXoX: Hmm.. personal attacks now.
XoXOutofReachXoX: Resorting to child hood immaturity, eh?
PDubbsHW: nope
PDubbsHW: just statin the facts
XoXOutofReachXoX: Look, I had no problem posting your rant on my page. At all. but remember, it is my page and it will be what I want it to be. I appreciate your contribution, but if I don't feel that it follows what my page does, then I will not add it. Period. I asked you to make changes and you signed off. You don't show up on my buddy list and I'm not about to i/m you a thousand times a day till I get a hold of you.
XoXOutofReachXoX: That's not my responsibility.
XoXOutofReachXoX: Get over it.
XoXOutofReachXoX: I'm out.. late.
PDubbsHW: whatever
PDubbsHW: get a lief
PDubbsHW: life*

Typical chick. Why the fuck do chicks always make it personal? It's retarded. It's like.... when chicks fight they call each other bitches, but when guys fight, they punch your face. It's all bullshit.

I guess I just added this because I felt it needed to be said. It's my page, I'll say what I want. And now she'll probably send me hate mail, so all you should send her hate mail too, not that you will, but you should. heh.