I live in hoe-ville.
Apr. 27, 2000

As most of you know, I just moved from my hometown of Riverside, California to Manchester, New Hampshire. I had a view of this place as a small conservative town. I was seriously mistaken.

I can honestly say that I live in hoe-ville. Every person in my school except 2 are not virgin. Only 2, what the fuck. there's about 100 girls at my school that are pregnant. That's a lot. There are already girls there that are 17 with 2 kids. I'm serious.

I have two points to make from this observation. Here's the first. What the fuck has America done to society? It never used to be like this. I watch movies people. Back in the day, people weren't sluts. Life wasn't about home many dick you can fit in your pussy or how many girls can lick the tip of your dick.

I know it feels good people, but 50 dicks is a lot. Seriously. I know a guy, no names, but he's been with like 50 chicks. If he's reading this, he knows who he is. He's a sweet guy, but that's a lot. America is pathetic. I'm not the religious type and such, but can someone please tell me what happened to people saving themselves for marriage? I have a friend inparticular, Lois, who I look up to immensely, because she's not a fucking coward like every other person in the world, she actually stands up for what she believes in, she's waiting until she's married. I tip my hat to her.

The fact of this all is, america is so pathetic. We sit here trying to teach kids about safe sex and what not, but why not teach no sex. What happened in society to make people go from remaining abstinent to being slaves to sex?

My second point is that it really fucking pisses me off that Southern California has the sterotype of being the whore capital when I come to New Hampshire and more people are pregnant then I've seen in my life. Seriously. It pisses me off that just because California is huge everybody thinks they're whores.

Why doesn't New Hampshire get attention for once. This place should be renamed hoe-ville because essentially that's what everybody is here. In California you have hookers, I haven't seen any here, but you don't need hookers here because you can basically get laid whenever by whomever. It's pathetic. More attention should be focused on this place.

I'm tired of America. America is fucking pathetic. How can I have pride in a country who raises twelve year olds to fuck their dog?