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If you are a poser or a faget you better leave.
You want to know how you became "fans" (I use the term loosely)? Well, you saw 'Freak On A Leash' on TV. Your're response to that video was so immature and empty hearted "That bullet was so coooool!" Starting to like a band based on a well made computerized video is stupid and weak. But that's not the bad part. You parade around town wearing the Korn T-shirts all the time when you haven't even heard of the song 'Faget' or 'Kill You' or any of the songs preceding 1998. That's what pisses me off. That is what you'd call an un-true Korn fan, a poser, a faget.

Anything else is meaningless, empty, bullshit.

Restircted: for all of you fuckin pussies out there
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