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Dedication to Darren Hayes

this page was created: April 2000

The simple reason you are here today is probably due to three factors:

1: You're Darren-crazy.

2: You're on your way there.

3: You're Darren himself (highly unlikely, but hey, a girl is allowed to dream!)

Welcome. This page was set up for me to indulge about DARREN HAYES so prepare for a lot of indulging (I warned you!). There are some things that are just meant to be, and this page is one of them. No, I didn't put blood or sweat into this page ( couldn't prick up the courage to stab a needle into my finger) but I put dedication into this--hence the title. Hopefully, you'll like this page and give me feedback. And that's a BIG hint!

Sometimes this life can get you down/it's so confusing/there's so many rules to follow/but I don't feel it, 'cos I just run away in my mind...

Ok, so just click away on the links below to get around here. And if you have any comments/suggestions, pls email me =) Enjoy!

this page was last updated: 2nd September 2000

p.s. isn't the cursor cool? =)

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