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He's A Friend 1976 Tamla

"He's A Friend", "A Part Of Me", "I Won't Take No", "Never Gonna Leave You", "Get It While It's Hot", "Chains", "The Sweeter You Treat Her", "It's Not What You Got", "On My Way Home", "All Of My Love"

Goin' Up In Smoke 1976 Tamla

"Goin' Up In Smoke", "The Newness Is Gone", "Sweet Tenderoni", "Born Again", "Don't You Want Light", "Music Man", "Thanks For The Memories", "To You From Me", "Don't Put Off Till Tomorrow", "Skeleton In Your Closet"

Slick 1978 Tamla

"Somthing Shady (Is Going On)", "Baby", "I Want To Live (My Life With You)", "You Got It", "Intimate Friends", "Diamond Girl", "Then Came You", "I'll Have To Let You Go", "California Woman"

At His Best 1878 Tamla

"Keep On Truckin'", "He's A Friend", "Skippin' Work Today", "Girl You Need A Change Of Mind (Pt 1)", "Shoeshine Boy", "Boogie Down", "Intimate Friends", "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)", "Can I", "It's So Hard For Me To Say Goodbye"

Vintage 78 1978 Arista

"How's Your Lovelife, Baby", "The Best Of Strangers Now", "Don't Underestimate The Power Of Love", "Ain't No Smoke Without Fire", "If It Takes All Night", "One Of The Poorest People", "Whip", "Your Wish Is My Command", "Maybe I'm A Fool To Love You", "Love, Love, Love", "Pleasure Man", "I Just Want To Be The One In Your Life", "Your Love Has Been So Good To Me", "I Can't Let You Walk Away", "Something More"

Love Keys 1981 Atlantic

"(Oh I) Need Your Lovin'", "I'm In Need Of Love", "I Don't Need Nobody Else", "Old Home Town", "Bernadette", "You Can't Stop My Loving", "Never Alone", "Hot", "Looking For Love", "In Love We're One"