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Welcome to the First Website dedicated to Chad Donella. This website was started on October 29, 1999. I started this site as a way for other fans to know a little more about the actor, and what they can see him in.
I thought I should add this one note, since I have been receiving quite a few emails about it. I am not Chad Donella. I am just a fan of Chad's, so please do not send me emails as if I were him.

This site is best viewed using Internet Explorer. If you're using another browser things might look different and might not work as well. Best thing to do is download Internet Explorer through

Updates (6/7/01): Well isn't everyone excited I finally got around to putting up a description of Chad's appearance on All Souls. I will get around to making sound files. I don't know when I'll be able to do it though since I've been having trouble recording sounds.
- Well there seems to be some trouble with my files, the server I was using does not allow off site linking. I have fixed the images so they should all work, but I haven't fixed the sound files yet. I will also be working on the wallpaper and fan art section.
- Ok it seems that Chad's episode of All Souls aired on May 1st, and it's title is The Deal. So look for that one if it repeats. Also I'm looking for someone to write a brief description of the episode for the website (you will get credit for it), and if anyone taped it could they make a copy for me. If someone did tape it I could make enough copies for people who don't get UPN, like me.
- It looks like Chad is making another appearance on a UPN television show, set to air in April. Look out for ALL SOULS on UPN, Here is a link that has a preview clip, that contains Chad, the show premiere's on Tuesday April 17th, 2001 at 9pm Eastern, it is not known for sure which episode Chad will be appearing in. I'm looking for someone who can tape this for me when it airs, I'm willing to pay for the tape and shipping. So if you can do this for me send me an email. Thanks, and keep an eye out for it. Also some television appearances this month:
Final Destination STARZ Thu, Apr 5, 2001 8:00 PM
Final Destination STARZ Fri, Apr 6, 2001 3:25 AM
ER "Stuck on You" TNT Tue, Apr 10, 2001 10:00AM
Final Destination STARZ Sun, Apr 15, 2001 10:00PM
Disturbing Behavior - SCIFI Channel Sun Apr 22, 2001 9:00PM
Final Destination STARZ Sat, Apr 28, 2001 11:30PM

Ok to view the trailer for 100 Women, click here. And here are some images - one, two, and three.
I uploaded some screengrabs from Disturbing Behavior.
I added some new images from Final Destination starting here.
- As you can see we have relocated, with a new layout too. Right now I haven't had time to move the images, sounds, and the fan art to this new server so look for them at the old one. There might be some glitches so if you find one that I don't seem to be fixing please email me and let me know. I haven't tested the site on other browsers yet so I hope those of you without internet explorer can view the site.

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This site is an unofficial web site for Chad Donella created and maintained by Lyndsay. It is in no way affiliated with Chad Donella himself, his agent, nor management. This site is strictly a fan-run site. Original material on this site is copyright 1999-2001 Lyndsay. All rights reserved.