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Jessica's Page 



Hello, I'm Jessica [aka bearwish3 or just sugar] and this my dear friends is my very own web page.
I'm a Scorpio born on November 13, 1982. That would make me 18, but wise beyond my years.
I lead a fairly normal life. I enjoy poetry, Rainbow Brite, Tool, Trident gum, art, Skittles, guys, dancing, Chap-stick, Strawberry Shortcake, acting, G.I. Joes, Lucky Charms, bracelets, The Powerpuff Girls, NIN, Track, My Little Ponies, Sailor Moon, koRn, nature, colors, and the list goes on and on. I would love any feed back on my page or my poems.You're welcome to use them but give me credit. Enjoy! Wow it's amazing how a year can change your life. In august of 2000 my mother, brother and myself fled from my evil father. Since then I've lived in three different places and met the man of my dreams. I've graduated from high school, gotten a car, and discovered alot about myself. I've lived with my boyfriend Erik for about 8 months and we are nearing a year together. As august comes around again Erik and I are moveing to Colorado. I am much happier with myself and my life though I do have my strugles. I will continue to post some of my poetry that I've written as soon as I can. Some words of advice: just because someone doesn't love you the way that you want them to doesn't mean that they don't love you with all that they have in them. you can not make someone love you, only be someone that can be loved.

Life Update 






Atop a green mountain, dressed in wildflowers
A young girl sits upon a rock the wind blowing her long hair
Birds sing their songs of spring as a drop of sadness rolls down her cheek
Her glistening tears fall caught by the uplifted faces of the surrounding flowers
She climbs to the top of her rock and beings to dance
Her movements are slow and graceful, her fingers brushing the sad face of the moon
The Earth grows silent, the wind causes the flowers to sway
She continues dancing as her sorrow fades
A solitary figure's silhouette, under the pale light of the moon



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