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You're still the one.....

In the beginning there was me,

Looking by the window watching the wind comes to a standstill.

Never knowing where it begins, never think of where it will end.

Silhouettes of sadness, it came with the wind.

Clouds as thick as the smoke breathing through the chimney

It brought me lonesomeness

Then he came.

With a smile he eased my pains away.

With his love he swept the clouds apart.

Now the wind blows just like any other storm.

But never was I ever left forlorn.

For my restlessness, he showed me patience

With my mistake he casts forgiveness.

When I'm weak he is my guide,

With my failures he is a friend and a mentor.

So with love and affection I am writing this

To let him know I appreciate these things.

And no matter what, no matter where

Come storm and typhoon or hurricane.

I'd love him with all my heart

For he is the only one I want.