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My fascination of the badges and pins started when I worked at HRC. It was a part of our uniform and yet for me, it was more than that. It was almost an expression of character. Some badges show celebrations of different events in different countries where there's a Hard Rock Cafe but some are just plain art and beauty. In every collector's mind, there is a story in each badge. Whether it's lame or something worth remembering, it means something to us.

Most of my pins came from people I know but a few came from total stranger. I remember this regular customer we had, he would dine every now and then in the restaurant and yet, more often than not, he gives us pins which he bought from the other side of the world. At times, collectors from other countries would come in only to trade what they have. I remember one time; there was this American guy who was hunting for a 1997 Staff Pin. He paid $800.00 for one from one of our staff. Amazing!

I kept my collection even after I left HRC. It was a poignant symbol of the life I lived back in Hongkong. It was probably the best working years of my life. It was fun!

From the moment I started and the second I left. There was something in HRC that I just couldn't explain. The atmosphere, the rhythm, the rush, the adrenaline, the people, the music pumping into our brain. Best of all, the friendship within the staff.

San Tsang, Fanny Leung, Dee Hou, Jon Brown, Francis Ramos, Danny Mendoza, Ricardo, Angel, Jaspal, Shafi, Kristina, Andy, Ming, and many, many others whom I owe a lot of gratitude. Thank you so much for making my stay in Hongkong worth remembering for.