Britney on TRL promoting her new album "Dear Diary"

Carson: Hey Girl long time, but your back with a sophmore album called " Dear Diary."

Britney: Yeah aww this is so overwhelming and exciting. Aww can I get a hug?

Carson: Yeah sure, so like what's your new album about?

Britney: :hehe: Well, it basically show's myself and it's about Britney Britney Britney, :stupid smile: but I'm real excited, will u do me a favor Carson?

Carson: Sure Brit, it's all about you today. Whatcha need?

Britney: Well umm like if you see Justin from *Nsync buy my cd will u please please tell me, that's the only fan I really want to have it. :corney laugh:

Audience Fan yells "bitch!"

Britney: Aww your so cute.

Carson: Umm well sure but you have a whole room of fans right here with you.

Britney: Yeah but it's Justy. Aww yall just gotta see his picture in my purse. :dumb laugh:

Pulls put pic.

Britney: HaHa he's such a babe, aww you guys!

Carson: Oh,k well we have to get into the next video now which is actually a good friend of yours correct? Christina Aguleria?

Britney: Aww yeah well she's ok! :stupid smile: I just wish she would stop copying me!

Carson: Shut up Britney your taking up to much damn time, this show is only an hour you know!

Fan: Slap her Carson one more time!

Britney: Aww you cutiepie, im sorry.

After the video.

Britney: Aww ok now what # am I on the countdown?

Carson: Well umm your # 10, we passed you a while ago, but we need to finish up and get into the # 1 video in the country which is by *Nsync "This I promise you" so it was great having you on the show!!


Britney jams and sings every one of Justin's parts. Then she jumps on the T.V., pushes it over with her fat ass and starts making out with Justin.

Security Guard takes her away. Britney smiles. Then her fan punches her in the face as she is being taken away.

Britney: Owww!!!

Carson: Remind me to never invite that hoe in here again!

Britney: Awww honey i heard that!