The Boys & The Girl- Does she EVER leave them alone??

Hey Guys!!! Everyday everywhere you hear about Britney & Nsync Britney & Nsync!! Well for once does she EVER GO AWAY!!!?? NO!! So the best advice I can give you guys is stay as far away from Britney as possible so you wont get atached, because once your attached then it's so Crazy that you will still probably see her in your sleep!!


Notice how Justin is as back as possible!!! LOL do ya blame him??

Lance is like oh my god take the pic so I can run like hell please!! Notice Joey's hands look EXACTLY like Britney's!! Are you sure it's Joey??

Look at Justin reaching for help!! Does she ever go away??!!!??

HeHeHeHe Do I ever go away?? Awww you guys!!!! Your soo sweet :)

LOL Look at Justin!! He looks high..he probably doesnt even know that is Britney!! LoL Good idea Justin!! If I ever have to see Britney I will just get high so I won't know it's her!! LOL

OH MY GOD BRTNEY!!!! That mag was supposed to be all about *Nsync but NO I'm sure Britney cried her way into this 1 too...and she wonders why NO ONE LIKES HER!!

LOL Justin's like Lance oh my God help me!!! I feel for ya babe!! We all do!!

Awww look at them all fighting over me!! Aww How sweet!! .....In reality: They are all looking for the closest EXIT!!!

Look at Joey trying to shut her up LOL he can try but I doubt it will work!!

Look Joey and Britney are best friends!! Notice how Joey has no fans and neither does Brit!! Aww Best Buds Forever :)

Well you've seen it...Britney Nsync Britney Nsync!! Britney: Nsync would like to let you know that just because you toured with them and were on MMC with them doesn't mean you have to stalk them!! Hey Hey it was fun but BYE BYE BYE!!!