Why I hate the Hoe!

Hey you guys! Now I know all of you guys are wondering why I hate Britney Spears so much...Well I could be here all night explaining that to you but I'm not gonna b/c I have better things to do! But I will give you some reasons on why I despise her...First off...she is a BAD role model...seriously! I understand that it is her life and all..and you are right it is HER life not mine but I mean 24-7 she talks about how I wanna be a good role and how the way I act as Britney Spears affects soo many people..and it does affect a bunch of people especially little 6 year olds running around singing "Baby 1 more time."

I just feel that if she is sooo worried about being a good person then she should show it...The other day 1 of my friends got mad at me b/c she thought I wasn't being a good friend but I never said that, but how I was acting she could tell..and the way Britney dresses and stuff isn't cool and it isn't good elderly role model like either! Also if she got a boob job she needs to admit it..Christina Aguleria admitted it..I mean it is a shame of her but she isn't being a good role model anyway so she might as well just admit to it! And I dunno there are so many other reasons...I just think that she is 18 now so she should change her slutty ways and act grown up!! Alright if you have any questions or comments feel free to email me..I will love to hear from you :) Bye Bye