Pics of me and my friends

Here this is so you can know a little about me!! The one who makes the Britney stuff and the things you enjoy so much!! So I thought I would introduce you more to me!! :)

This pic is just of me chillin! :)

This is a pic of my friend Kristen cheesin with Missy in the blue shirt apologizing for not getting her a bday present! LOL oh maliss!!

This is a pic of my good friend and ex boyfriend from a while ago Chris and this girl Daisy! (shes a bitch lol)

LOL I love this pic!! It's Kristen with her Nsync on her left and Backstreet on the right!!

Then there's Kristen singing beautifully as always :)

There's me in the brown, Kristen in red and Missy in blue acting stupid on Kristen's bday!!

There's my buddy K-dawg!!

This is my Geek Rach!!!

This 1 is blurry but from the left is Jesse,Shawney,Julie with the dark hair and in the back Linny and Wes (her boyfriend) :)

BRITNEY?? BRITNEY SPEARS!!! No wait a minute!! That's Kristen!! Wow I hardly reconized her..b/c she was doing the Britney gay ass hand thing on top of a car too!! The thing that gave it away was Kristen was dressed and the blonde hair was real! (Thank God!) Coulda fooled me Kristen...

Well now you've seen me and my let's learn "Behind the Scenes" on JUST ME!!!

Name: Rane Elizabeth "Libby"
Pets: a turtle
Best friends: oh goodness everybody!!! Ok here we go.....Kristen,Julie,Missy,Dan,Joel,Chris B,Chris N,Shay,Helen,Casey,Jason,Mess,Rach,Jess, geeze i know im missing bunches of people but these are my closest!!!
Bf?: nope
Cd: Nsync "no strings attached"
Love song: "This I promise you"
Music video: Oops I did it again...LOL LOL CHA RIGHT!!!! more like "Material Girl" by Madonna....I love that song!!
Singer/group: Nsync and Christina has a good voice
Flavor of chips: hmmm umm probably Funyons!!
Smell: Country apple from Bath and Body works
Cookie: I dont like cookie
Cartoon: Smurfs
Animal: Baby Chicks are cuties :)
Soup: Chicken used to be Tomato until my sister Kelly ruinied it for me!!!
Drink: Mountain Dew
Candle scent: Vanilla