Britney meets Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey

Britney was walking down International Avenue in Orlando FLA and just about to enter the "Biggest Mc Donalds in the whole entire World" when she noticed someone she knew!!

Britney: Hey like umm hi I like know you!!! Your that chick from Texas right who's dating a backstreet boy right??

Jessica Simpson turns around.

Jessica: Ummm are you talking to me??

Britney: Cha! heylo get with it blonde one! There's no one else around of course I'm talking to you!!

Nick: There is me!!! :smiles:

Britney: Like omg your Jessicas BACKSTREET BOY!!! thats odd I didn't know that there were 6 backstreet boys...with a confused look....Oh :hehe: you must be a realitive of Kevin's!!:haha: I get it now..aww how cute!!

Nick: Ummm uhh actually..NO! I'm in 98 degrees!

Britney: Aww ok..I gotcha!!

Jessica pulls Nick away.

Jessica: Yeah well sorry to make it short hun but we must be going now...we got people to see and music to sing :)

Britney: Eww ughh no I was in the middle of a conversation so you can just wait!

Jessica: Ummm uhhh no! My boyfriend dont want your skank fake retarded self! sorry!! Dont you have to go like VJ on MTV with Mandy Moore or something?? I'm soo sure she needs your help!

Britney: Awww hehe leave her alone..thats my girl... :stupid smile:

Jessica: Yeah! i can see both make the stupidest faces,cant sing, and use the same hand gestures and both are always saying "Oww" in every other word of your music!

Britney: Whatever hun thats called talent!

Jessica: Yeah im soo sure! Atleast I can get a guy and dont have to stalk him like you do!

Nick walks in....Will yall please shut up! Britney as for you..go screw your cousin im soo sure hes waiting, and as for you Jessica baby dont worry about her...she isnt even worth your time!

Britney: OK WELL YOU CAN JUST TAKE YOUR BIG ASS NOSE OUT OF THIS ALRIGHT??! and you wonder why you have no fans!!! You and your cousin like take up the whole dang screen!

Jessica: Ok Britney "growth spurt" Spears atleast his nose is real...yours probably isnt considering EVERYTHING ELSE on your body isnt!!!

Britney: Oh well i would rather be a "D" than a "B."

Jessica: Ok well your like 10...I really dont have time to be wasting on you...Nick lets just please go...and let Miss Pop Princess go get her nails done or maybe even a new "toe."

Nick: Alright Baby! :)

Britney: God..atleast people know who I am!!

Jessica & Nick look back and say at the same time: Unfortunatly!!

This brings me to the conclusion on why Britney wonders why she has no fans...she is either "fake" about it..which doesnt suprise me or she blows their head off as she did to Jessica and for Jess & Nick they went off dueting "and take me where she's not, where Brit and I won't be together anymore" and enjoyed the rest of their for Brit Brit she headed into Mcy D's ate and ate and then tried wearing size 3 leather pants...ohh my I guess things will never change!