The Britney Experience

Hey Guys!!! Yes ok now I realize that most of you guys are totally shocked by this title but yes it is true I was seen at a Britney Spears concert!!! LOL I'm sure you guys soo did NOT expect that but it was actually pretty fun!!! AHHH are these words really releasing from my mouth?? Yes they are! Well actually lemme tell you about before the concert and how I got there! Oh wow was that a struggle??

Well first I was in charge of getting me and my best friend's ticket b/c our other friend Dan already had his ticket!! So I went to Specs b/c this was the night BEFORE the concert at like 6:00 p.m. and so I was in Specs b/c i heard they were on $27.00 so I was like shoot I dont like Britney so 27 bucks is cheap for her!! So I go in there and I go Hey do you have any Britney Spears tickets and OF COURSE she WASNT sold out b/c I mean it was Britney!! Get real!

So The lady see she didnt like me b/c I was running to get tickets and I accidently ran into her and she dressed like a freak so I go OH MY GOD U SCARED ME!! LOL like a freight not like eww your ugly! So she hated me...ahhh A-N-Y-W-A-Y-S!!! LOL she goes yeah we got level 1 seats 117!! So I was like oh my God crap those are good seats....well we wanted to sit by Dan and I didnt know if Kristen wanted to pay that much money b/c for those seats it was like $45.00 and we both HATE Britney but only wanted to go with Dan b/c he begged us! And So stupid me asks Do you have any seats in 3rd level lol cuz that was where Dan was and she goes umm I can check but if you want these you have to buy them now or they will be gone! So I let them pass!! (Oh no what could I of done??)

So my mom and I walked out b/c I didnt want those seats without confirming Kristen (considering I was spending her money) So being the good friend I am I let the tickets go...well we were hungry so we head over to Don Pablos for dinner and by this time it was 7:00 p.m. and so I couldnt get a hold of Kristen b/c she was out! And trust me she IS NEVER OUT and the 1 night she is...I need her!! Ohh gee the things I go through...So A-N-Y-W-A-Y-S!!! Shoo doggy!! So it's mid way through dinner and I call Dan from the pay phone and I was like hey I got good seats but I let them go b/c I wanted to sit by you and I mean we wouldnt if we were in first level and you were in 3rd and he goes OH MY GOD WHY DID YOU DO THAT lol it was soo freakin funny so he goes who cares I will sneak down there just go back and get them! I was like ok I will try but dont get your hopes up!! So the check comes and we are about ready to leave and I call Kristen and tell her about what happened and she about kills me!! B/C I mean I was spending her money and she doesnt like Britney either and so I only thought it was fair to only spend the amount of money she wanted or could afford!! So she's like oh my God good seats go get them!! So I go back to Specs and my mom is like your gonna be sooo dissapointed so I was like yeah but oh well we'll get them this time whatever she has. So I go in there and I'm like hey I'm back and I talked to my friends just gimme the best you got!! So she goes well your lucky b/c those seats are bought yet! Row 117 so I start jumping up and down I'm like yes! my friends arnt gonna kill me lol I run into a big giant poster board in the middle of the store and leave!! I call my friends and tell them the great news!! Huh?? great news?? I JUST BOUGHT BRITNEY SPEARS TICKETS!! great news?? THATS AWFUL NEWS!! I know thats what your thinking but keep reading! :)

Well the next day was really ancy b/c we were waiting to get out of school and go to Britney..this was on a Friday night by the way! So comes 3:54 and I'm sitting in 6th period with my shoe tapping the side of the desk looking at the clock with my folders in front of me and tapping my pencil across the desk...EXACTLY LIKE BRITNEY IN BABY ONE MORE TIME!! lol it was funny b/c this girl goes I think your just a little bit to excited for Britney...especially considering everyone knows you hate her! So 4:00 comes and I run out like they do in the video and head to the lockers lol now if I was a fan I would probably start dancing but you know how it goes! I got her video down pretty much....So it's 4:30 and Kristen comes over and we go in our pajamas b/c 93.3 FLZ radio station was having a Britney Spears pajama party so we were like what the hell we dont like her so we arnt embarrassing ourselves!! So we are there a little bit before the concert and we get front row to the radio station and it was set up like a living room and there was someone from the station dressed as Britney in pajamas! So we get up there b/c me and Kristen were the only ones with pajamas on and we are sitting on 93.3's couch with Kane the DJ. So we told him who we were and we were sitting up there and while he was talking on the radio we are in the backround going Hit that hoe now 1 more time!!! I dunno if the radio heard it b/c it wasnt really loud but I'm sure they did it was soo funny! Well now It's 7:25 p.m. and so we run to go find our seats b/c the show started at 7:30...

So we get in there and Bosson is her first act and they were "OK" then no stops LFO came on!!! And so we were like oh my god!! Cuz they are good....and we want to go get Dan b/c "Girl on TV" is our song with him..So we are all screaming for LFO and it was fun so then we have to wait 20 minutes or so for Britney b/c by this time it was 8:40... So I take Kristen's ticket and try going up to 3rd level and I go hey I need to get my little brother he's in here but I didnt have a 3rd level ticket so they never let me up there and I didnt wanna get kicked out so I didnt argue... Well (drum roll please) It is 9:00 and time for Britney to come on...

Well she gets on and does the act that she did for the MTV Video Music Awards where they do a roll call and ask for Britney....well we were sooo close that we saw her standing in the back waiting to be was awesome but yet it was scary at the same time!! LOL if you know what I mean!! So she gets called out and they do the Baby one more time thing then Crazy which was cool...her Crazy act was neat! But her stage sucked..It was like just one shape and she had a miror to show her and like pics of her videos when the song came on and like Pink flowerey things in the back and like lockers and was cheesey!! But hey it was high class for her LOL. So after Crazy she gets changed and does "And the beat goes on" which I like that song, then she does 2 songs from her up coming album... She did "Oops I did it again" and that's the title of my site...Well yall this song was about "Oops I did it again I came in your heart I'm not playing that game no more, cuz I'm not that inisent!! I mean come on... She sounded like 5 and besides she knows she loves Justin LOL it was a joke guys!! Well after that song she did some more and it was only an hour concert for her but she had lots of fireworks and so for the cheesey set the fireworks helped but she did go across on this carpet and she came right across us like we could touch her hand! It was that close!! So at the end she did "Sometimes" and threw beach balls out to the crowd and it was cute, so she leaves and says bye to everyone the concerts over... Well she NEVER did Baby 1 more time!! She did at the beggining but only 1 verse so everyone starts to leave. So me and this guy beside me..he was like 22 we kept yelling THE CONCERT ISNT OVER DUH!! But they dont care.... so she comes out and does Baby one more time and at the very end before she says her last Baby one more time she STOPS!! The fans finish it for her and she goes up the stairs...cheeses go up a little farther and cheeses and goes up to the very top is cheesey madly!! And says HIT ME BABY 1 MORE TIME!!! Then fireworks blast off the stage and she leaves!!! So that was her show.... as for the end...We found Dan at this pole outside and they ended up sneaking down into 2nd level and getting good seats...the concert was cheesey but I couldnt expect better considering who it was! I'm sorry you guys had to witness me experiencing it but hey it was a ONCE IN A LIFETIME thing and wont happen again!!

But for the future....If you wanna see something cheesey like "Teletubbies in concert" then the Britney Spears concert is for you!! Thanks for listening and have a good day!! Enjoy the rest of my site!! BYE YALL :)