First here are pics I found off of the internet off her spring tour which was the concert I went too...then below we were close but I mean the pics were hard b/c I have a digital camera not a scanner!! So I hope they dont look to fuzzy!! But in real life they are easier to see!! Enjoy guys :)

Heres Britney on the floor of course getting ready to Chad,Justin or Will (who knows) to come over after the concert!!!

Then there's Britney trying to dance but instead acting STUPID OF COURSE!!!! What a nerd! Look at her hair!!

Then there's Britney doing her famous chicken dance!!!

Britney trying to lap dance for her dancers while they check out underneath!!!

MICROPHONE??? WHAT??? Oh my bad it just makes her look cool! LOL Not like she uses it or anything!!!

Now here's some pics from my camera!! Look close and you might be able to see!!

Theres Britney coming down the stairs

This is the back of Britney's head as she was walking away..I used my zoom on that one! That pic was taken by accident because I meant to get her face but I clicked to soon!!

This is Britney watching us!!

This is Britney walking down the stage

This is Britney's face!

I hope you guys enjoyed the pics!!! :)