Hoe Gallery 2!!!

OMG BRITNEY!! can't you wait to screw you dancer after the show!! it doesn't look like it does it guys??

OMG!! ZOOM OUT ZOOM OUT! That is certainly something I do NOT want to see everyday!!

Ugh that bitch Christina took my Grammy for "Best New Artist"

OMG BRITNEY!! can't you wait to makeout with your mom when you ARN'T on camera!! I mean I kiss my mom but not like that! I heard rumors that people in Kentucky screwed around with their "family members" but I never guessed Louisiana did too!

Hi umm like I'm Britney Spears and I'm really really horney and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind fingering me??

Oh oops nevermind I figured out how to do it myself..thanks anyway!!

Every night I pray that I will atleast get 1 fan besides my mom...It's been 3 years and I only have her but mommy always says to NEVER GIVE UP!!

Christina will NEVER out beat my record :)

LOL I think this pic speaks for itself!!

Move over Britney because I'm Grammy 2000's "Best New Artist" Christina Aguleria and I'm here to conquer the world!!

OMG SHUT UP BRITNEY!! YOU BROKE THE GLASS ALREADY I SWEAR!! Spare us some!! It's bad enough I've known you my whole life!