Britneys Day at the Beach

Britney: Ok dancers like we have a day off considering Christina took all of my fans and my concerts got canceled cuz no one bought tickets, Ok make that 1-2 weeks off...damn bitch Christina!

Chad: Calm Down Brit I still love you.

Britney: Like aww let's all go to the beach okley dokley??

Dancers: Aww ok that sounds great, yeah great idea Brit!!

So they all drive down to Daytona Beach FLA to have some fun fun fun in the sun!!

Britney: So like wher we gonna camp out yall??

Susie one of her dancers: Brit hun you dont camp out in the beach, you only do that when your out in the bonies, for example if you were in Louisianna or visiting Kentucky or Tennesse!

Britney: :stupid smile: Aww like duh! Silly old me!!

Britney: Oh my goodness gosh i forgot my fake tanning oil... crap! I dont look good naturally!!!

Chad: Your right Brit..without that makeup and implants and fake hair and fake tan you look hideous! I'll go to the store and get your some.

Britney: Aww thanks honey tell them who I am so I can get it for free! :stupid laugh:

So after Britney gets her fake tanning oil that cost 4.50 (cuz the cashier hated Britney and was going to Christinas concert) then Britney gets hungry so she heads with her cocky head turned to the side over to the burger resturant.

Hi um like aww your such a cutie pie...yeah ok well can I get 2 hamburgers for myself and a large coca cola. :stupid smile:

The surfer dude is the cashier.

Surfer: Sure that will be 2 bucks.

Britney: Ugh like dont you know who I am?!?!

Surfer: Umm nope but will you just pay cuz the line is getting long!

Britney: No! I am Britney Jean Spears like duh heylo...Teen Diva, Pop Princess..dont you watch MTV??

Surfer: Yeah but pop music sucks... LIMP BIZKIT!!!!!

Britney: Oh aww yeah "Only God knows why" right? right??

Surfer: Uhhhh no! Can you just pay me I dont care if your Mariah Carey I need your money chick! Oh wait! I know who you are!!! Your that chick who sings about What a girl needs or eats sumthin like that right??

Britney: UHHH NO WRONG AGAIN CRACKHEAD! THATS CHRISTNA UGULERIA!! Ugh like you sooo hurt my feelings!

Surfer: Ohhh wait I know! Your that chick with da fake ass breasts and you sing at Hitting it like 5 more times or sumthing??

Britney: Awww your soo sweet im glad you remembered!!! :stupid smile with head turned:

Surfer: Yeah so your pretty huge in the chest girl you wanna come over tonite so I can maybe get a little head and suck them big ass breasts?!

Surfer: Wait!!!! Nah nevamind I dont want silicone to pop out and give me cancer! But I wouldnt mind a nice blow job...I heard you were good at those!

Britney: :turns her head with her stupid smile and her nose clenched up like a pig: Awww your sooo cute! Awwww!!! Well how long are you??

Surfer: 4 1/2 inches..

Britney: Sorry Chad's 6 1/2..... :( Catch ya later i suppose!!

Surfer: Whatever hoe!!

So Britney waddles back to her dancers and tells them about the Surfer Dude she just met!

They all congradulate her and stay there for a week of fun and count to see how many people notice Our oh so Slutty Pop Princess!