Britney Pictures

Here is a collection of Britney's stupidity captured by camera and what people really think of her when they see that stupid smile of hers! Enjoy yall :)

Aww look at me and Justin arn't we just soo cute??

Look at all my fans! aww they just love me soo much! :) That's soo sweet...I've always wondered why i never have people fans! :( Is this all i can get??

OMG!!!! BRITNEY SPEARS IS WEARING CLOTHES!!! I had to double check and make sure that was is! omg where's the Book of World Records!?!

Britney God your such a hoe! Your so low that you have to hump Mickey Mouse?? That's lame!! lol But hey it's all she can get!

Britney...God even Mariah Carey will wear more than that...Sure you have a shall to cover with but what's the wont use it! And the 60's haircut gotta go hun you look 30!

Hi umm like I'm Britney Spears and like I kinda forgot the words to my songs..can you like umm help me please?? :)

Ok I'm ready to blow hehe..where's Chad??

Ok now by looking at in the world can Brit Brit precious Brit be a good role model?? Look at her..she looks like she's ready for her 50th porn video! Well ugh knowing her she probably is! That's sad...even if you are 18 and legal age...grow up hun!

Ugh please Britney...masterbating 24-7 isn't very healthy!!!!

Her mom's a bigger whore than she is! And her mom is like what 50??

What's wrong Brit finally relized that Christina is better than you and stole all your fans!? lol the truth hurts!


Uhhh what do you mean my Plastic Surgeon retired??