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Lisa Zane

Lisa Zane The following are items sent to me by a Billy fan and friend of mine, Rene, which tell us a little about Lisa Zane. Thanks for the info!

Lisa's acting credits include:

A Table for One

The Kidnapping of Chris Burden

The Secret Pact


"The Incredible Hulk


The Nervous Breakdown of Philip K. Dick

The Nurse (also the title of the episode of Matlock Billy was in!)

Baby Face Nelson

Her Deadly Rival



XXX's & OOO's

Natural Selection

"Iron Man"



"L.A. Law"

Babe Ruth

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Femme Fatale

The Age of Insects

Bad Influence

Pucker Up and Bark Like a Dog

Gross Anatomy

Heart of Dixie

Here is an article about Lisa's singing career.
Lisa Zane is the Toast of the Town Greek-American entertainer Lisa Zane recently appeared at New York's "Bubble Lounge" where she performed several standards and classic musical numbers before a packed crowd which included her brother, Billy Zane (Star of "Titanic") and his "Cleopatra" co-star Leonor Varella. Their parents, Bill and Thalia Zane, also flew in from Chicago for the performance with Bill's sister Alice Ducas. Lisa will return to the Bubble Lounge on June 1 for an encore performance.

Lisa Zane began her career as an actress starring in such television series as "L.A. Law", "ER," "Profit" and "Roar." While she is still interested in acting, Lisa currently enjoys singing in various clubs in the New York and Los Angeles areas. With a voice as strong as hers it appears that a recording career is not too far behind.

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