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When one says the last name Amaro in terms of United States Sports Acrobatics, most people think of Jr. Worlds bronze medalist Julian Amaro.  But there is another Amaro brother whose future in acro seems just as bright.  Adrian Amaro is fourteen years old and the 2000 US bronze medalist for level 3 mixed pairs 14-17.  Acro Update got a chance to talk with Adrian about his thoughts on acrobatics…

Just the Facts

Age:  14
Gym:  Gymnastique International
Partner:  Holly Midag (1999-2000 season)
Hobbies: Fishing, swimming, sleeping
Fav Movie: October Skies
Fav TV Show: Pokemon
Fav Book: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

AU: What is your assessment of your performance at Nationals?
AA: I feel I could have done better in my performance, but at least I got a nice vacation.

AU: How did you become involved in acro?
AA: I did not really like sports, [but] when I saw how it was so much fun, I joined it.

AU: What do you like most/least about the sport?
AA: I like the competitions and the new places I get to see. I don't like the selection process for the national team.

AU: How would you describe your coaches?
AA: Friendly down to earth people(some times).

AU: What is a typical practice like for you?
AA: Tiring and sometimes stressful.

AU: What new skills are you working on?
AA: I am currently taking a break from acro so I can get a strong foot hold in school.

 AU: What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?
AA: I got an A+ in Health.

AU: What are your goals?
AA: My goals are to do good in school and kick butt in acro.

AU: Julian has been an Elite athlete for many years and most of the acro world  knows him. Do you ever feel like you’re in his shadow or is it a positive for you?
AA: I never felt like I was in his shadow. I was more like, hiding behind him and waiting for people to realize my potential - not just the fact that I was his brother.

 AU: What was a frustration or problem that you had and how did you work through it?
AA: A big frustration I had was not being able to have control of a situation. I just let my coach deal with it, and I hoped for the best outcome.

AU: What do you think that the US needs to do to be more competitive internationally in acro?
AA: I feel the US needs to change their eating habits and train A LOT harder...5th and 6th place are not acceptable.

AU: Who do you admire and why?
AA: I admire my older brother (not Julian) because he tried his hardest and never gave up. Now he is very successful.

AU: What advice would you give to other acrobats?
AA: Give 110% in every thing that you do and don't give up. Also, do all of your homework and be nice to your partners.