DanX fOr dRoPpiN bY~!!

Please read the following over before making any purchases.
Here's how I conduct my business, if you have any questions or comments
feel free and email me with them.

Right now at the moment, I'm only accepting cash!

Here are some tips as to how to send the money to me safe & sound :

I'm pretty sure many of you have heard of mailmen or some other people steal mails. And some have experienced it also. Therefore, I can't guarantee the safety of your money transporting over here to me. But I will tell you how to try and prevent it from happening.

Girls, I know myself for one, love writing letters. They use pretty stationary and those fancy envelopes. Guys can also do this! Just go steal some from your sister if they have any (just make sure you don't get killed for it, though). Make sure you wrap you money up well. Avoid putting more than twenty dollars in an envelope. If you must, make sure you send me the least amount of bills.
Like if you're going to send me $10, make it a $10 bill and not 10 singles (PLEASE!).
I can't stress this enough times, WRAP UP THE MONEY GOOD!!!!
Decorate the envelope, draw little pretty flowers or something to make it look like an ordinary letter~Hell! Just write me one if it helps! I won't mind (^_~)

Disclaimers :

I am not responsible for lost mail.
If I don't receive your mail, then I don't have it.
If you do not receive your order within the expecting dates, it is not my fault if it doesn't get to you.
Please keep this in mind :
I am not using UPS services.
So, when you do not give me the correct address, I will not resend the package until you send me shipping fee for the second round or provide a shipping fee for refund.

Here is how the purchasing system goes :

When you decide to buy something and email me with it,
(please include the prices & your email address)
or you can process your order by filling out the forms I have for you.
Make sure you fill in every space and print it out.
Print out the order form with your purchases and send it with your information sheet.
I will tell you more on the forms when you get to it.

When you make a purchase, I'll reserve that item and write *sold* next it.
I will give you (the people in the U.S.) 2 weeks (max!) to get the money to me.
For people out of the U.S. it'll take approximately 3-4 weeks to get to me,
so I'm giving you 5 weeks and that's that!
I'm giving deadlines because I'm very short on things nowadays and they go quick!
(especially pictures)
When I receive the money altogether,
I'll email you and let you know I've received your mail.
Then I take the item completely off the page.
If I do not get your payment within the given time then I take off the *sold*
and sell it to next awaiting person.
(Unless you email me telling me otherwise.)

I don't have a scanner, so it's hard for me to sell pictures.
But I'll try to describe them to the very best or I'll find some online and stick it here. They're all $1 (unless otherwise noted).

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[*~C a S s e T T e S~*]
[*~s T a T i O N a R y~*]
[*~P o S T e R s~*]
[*~M a G a Z i N e S~*]
[*~s T i C k e R s~*]
[*~G i F T s~*]